The Shadow of Light and Dark

I watched this short video in class yesterday and one part that really stood out to me was that the girl who was featured in the advertisement didn’t even recognize herself. They had lightened her skin to appeal to all black people because the emphasis is on light skin. I found this whole video to be ironic because in the caucasian community, the emphasis is on darker skin. You always want to be tan and people go to tanning salons even in the winter! I’m very light-skinned so I do like to get a little tan in the summer so I don’t look so dead in the winter but my sister’s always telling me I’m not “tan enough”. First of all, what does that even mean? Obviously I love my “pale” skin and I’m not willing to risk my body for society’s likeness towards tan-skinned caucasians. Skin cancer runs in my family so why would I even put myself at risk?

  1. I think this is an interesting video. That is so true. As a Caucasian female I understand the pressure to have “darker skin” and be tan.

  2. Woww! Society plays a mind game as an African American woman dark skin is consider for the most part not pretty. In television light skin woman with long hair our look to in more advertisement as pretty .

  3. Human beings are naturally doomed to foster a sense of perpetual dissatisfaction and incompleteness. We are all long to have what we don’t have. People with long hair opt for short hairstyles, people with curly hair would rather have straight hair. Short people develop a complex against tall people. It doesn’t end.

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