This past Tuesday, I finally joined the iPhone world after being stuck with my BlackBerry for years. Of course, the first thing I did was download all of my social networking apps and that included Instagram. I quickly became obsessed with taking pictures, adding filters, and posting them waiting to get comments and likes. When I’m bored at school or my internship, I find myself scrolling through my Instagram newsfeed rather than my Facebook newsfeed. Come to think of it, I’ve hardly been on Facebook since getting an iPhone, except to post pictures, statuses, or when I receive notifications. Instagram makes it so easy to see what everyone’s up to, but some people call it “twitter for people who can’t read” because all it is is pictures with fancy filters and captions. However, I do love it because I can not only view my friends’ pictures but I can follow celebrities and find other accounts that I like. One bad thing is that there are a lot of spam profiles. Since getting a few likes from inappropriate profiles on my first day on Instagram, I made my profile private. However, I still get follow requests from a lot of fake accounts but I’m willing to fend off the inappropriate accounts while enjoying pictures from all over the world.

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  1. mindovermatter01 said:

    I absolutely agree with you! I find myself rarely accessing Facebook through the mobile app anymore, I’m always on instagram and I feel it’s sometimes even better. I like that a picture is provided with just a short caption after rather than reading paragraphs of useless info about people’s lives on Facebook. I feel instagram fits the one-the-go at your fingertips world better as I only really find myself on Facebook when stationary using my mac book. I personally love taking pictures of just about everything and the filters just make it that much better! I totally know what you mean about the random follower requests because I definitely have about fifty requests just sitting in my news lol

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