I choose to experiment with Veri since I have never heard of it before. When first going to the site (, I was unsure what the purpose or aim of the site was. I say “learn, teach, play” so I figured it had was some sort of educational tool. I signed up and scrolled through the “courses”. I settled on “Outsmarting Breast Cancer”. I clicked on it and it brought me to another page with quizzes. There were about four to five questions with four possible answers. You received points for getting questions right and consequently lost points for getting questions wrong. But there’s a catch! You can click “I don’t know, teach me!” and it brings you to a site with information related to the question. You can read the section, answer the question, and you get full points. Veri made learning into a game. You can link your Facebook so you can play with friends and try to outdo each other’s high scores. It seems like a good premise, however there are not a lot of categories that I was personally interested. In order to take full advantage of the site, you would have to have friends who are also on the site to compete and play with each other. Overall, the site is a good idea, but I don’t think it’s there just yet. People tend to get their information from internet search engines such as Google and not by playing a game. I did find it interesting since I didn’t know it existed but I don’t think I’ll continue using Veri.


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