Search Strategies

The readings in this module didn’t really change the way I will perform internet searches. I did learn a few things, for one boolean logic. For example, I wasn’t aware that in most general search engines a space is the equivalent to “AND”. However, most of the time when I’m googling something it’s just a quick little question so I just type in the question and find an answer. Yahoo Answers usually helps me the most and that’s always one of the first results so it’s useful for me in that way. However, if I need real information I do need to choose my words wisely. One thing that seems so obvious but I never realized was to search for not only the topic you are looking for, but for words that may appear in an article of the topic. 

In regards to the readings for this week, I didn’t really find to be useful for me. I feel like it wasn’t very user friendly and I didn’t really know what I was looking for although I found some of the search strategies helpful.

I’ll definitely stick with Google in the future because I’m comfortable with it and I can use it in a variety of ways. I also use Google Scholar and Adelphi databases when researching scholarly articles.


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