Image Analysis

I took a Media and Gender course during my freshman or sophomore year (about two to three years ago) and I learned so much. This is the one media course I analyzed advertisements in. As well as advertisements, we analyzed films and television shows. In an advertisement or scripted show, nothing is every done by accident. If there is something in the shot, it was done so on purpose. I think this is important to remember when looking at these types of media because often we notice something and think it must be a coincidence but these are controlled environments in which everything has a reason. 

I think it’s important to have to skills to analyze images because a lot of what we see is unconscious; we don’t realize we’re seeing something and we’re not processing it in our conscious mind. I believe we have to stop mindlessly consuming media and these messages. In this day, children are often sat in front of the television or given electronic games. It’s important to monitor what your child is watching because even though it may be a children’s channel or a children’s television show, children are still susceptible to these types of messages. 


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