Monthly Archives: December 2012

In 1963, polls showed that more Americans relied on television for their news rather than newspapers. Today, I think most Americans feel the same, but the sources for news is now immense. Americans still use newspapers, but many may look to the television first for news.  However, now with the use of social networking sites and all these vast sources on the Internet, there is more opportunity to become informed about what is happening around the world and many people take advantage of it.

In Operation New Media, the author discusses how Obama used the Internet to make his political agenda known.  Politicians now use social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.  The Likud campaign took notes from Obama and is now using not only newspapers and television, but are also planning on contacting voters through e-mail, SMS, and social networking sites to get their message out.  They have also created a website that resembles Obama’s website in hopes of getting the same kind of publicity and reputation Obama has. The Operation New Media article feels that in the coming years political campaigns will be focused on the Internet and they are preparing for it.

Media today is similar to what it used to be in the sense that everyone wants to use what is new and more convenient.  In 1963, sitting in front of a television and having your news being told to you was more convenient than reading it in a newspaper.  Today, this is still true.  However, it is even more convenient to get your news on your computer or have it sent to your e-mail or cell phone.  I think it is American culture to want the newest, most convenient, and entertaining sources of news.