I watched this short video in class yesterday and one part that really stood out to me was that the girl who was featured in the advertisement didn’t even recognize herself. They had lightened her skin to appeal to all black people because the emphasis is on light skin. I found this whole video to be ironic because in the caucasian community, the emphasis is on darker skin. You always want to be tan and people go to tanning salons even in the winter! I’m very light-skinned so I do like to get a little tan in the summer so I don’t look so dead in the winter but my sister’s always telling me I’m not “tan enough”. First of all, what does that even mean? Obviously I love my “pale” skin and I’m not willing to risk my body for society’s likeness towards tan-skinned caucasians. Skin cancer runs in my family so why would I even put myself at risk?



The media has influenced our lives in such a way that the first thing we do when we wake up and the last thing we do before we go to sleep is check a media source for some sort of information.  I do agree with what the author says about living in a society that relies on this information coming in from the media to communicate and complete daily activities.  We base everything from what we eat, how we dress, and what we buy on media messages. We also watch what celebrities wear and buy and maybe subconsciously a part of us believes that if we wear those clothes and buy those products, we can be like them. We put a certain amount of trust in the media to give us accurate information.  For example, when we decide what to wear for the day, we look up the weather and see if it will be hot or cold or rainy or humid.  We often get dressed before even stepping outside to see what it feels like.

Young people are especially affected by media because they are the technology generation.  They are constantly bombarded by these media messages and do not have the skill to filter out any which one. I do agree with what the author says about young people wanting to be accepted by their peers.  If they see someone in a movie who is beautiful and successful and has certain characteristics or does things like smoke cigarettes or act violent, this will portray the idea of a successful person and may manifest in a young person’s mind.  This pertains to advertisements as well.  The media has a way of saying “if you don’t do this, or you don’t wear this, you can never be a beautiful, talented, successful person.”

The author does seem to have a lot of knowledge on the subject, but I think this article is more opinion-based than research-based. Although I do agree with most of what the author has to say, there is only one statistic to support his information and he uses three YouTube videos. As we all know, anyone can make anything and put it on YouTube.  I also feel like the author just threw in those three videos and did not incorporate them into the article and let the videos prove a point for him. I definitely think this article is useful and has a lot of truthful information, but I don’t believe it to be a trusted source because of the lack of research.


Edit: I realized that there is no name attached to this article.  It is simply a username on a site where presumably anyone can post anything.  This makes the source even less credible.


This is an advertisement for a suit company that conveys the message that males are a dominant force.  In this advertisement, it appears as though the male has killed the female.  The female has a tie around her neck, which the male is pulling towards him.  The female is lying across the hood of the car wearing only lingerie, which could imply a possible rape and murder.  The male is standing over the hood of the car, portraying dominance.  He has a smirk on his face, as though he’s proud of the result. The female is in a vulnerable position and you cannot see her face.  The advertisement is shot in black and white, as if to darken the scenario.

In terms of SEARCH:

Sex: As I mentioned earlier, the male represents the dominant force, while the female represents the submissive force.  Males are portrayed as dominant, powerful, and in control.  The male in this advertisement had killed the female, and possibly raped her, and he is smiling proudly.

Environment: The only environment that is seen in this advertisement is the car.  The advertisement is in black and white, which makes even more of the environment hidden.  However, with the male’s Duncan Quinn suit, the advertisement makes it appear as though he is wealthy.

Age: The couple in this advertisement appear to be young, as is typical in the media.  Although you cannot see the female’s face, it is assumed that she is attractive.  The media typically portrays this age group, insinuating that older age groups are unimportant and unattractive.

Race: The couple in this advertisement is Caucasian, which again, is typically seen in the media.  It is not common to see an advertisement or television show or movie focusing on those of different races.  Typically, there is a token “black male/female” in a show or movie.  This implies that anyone of a race other than Caucasian is unimportant and is just thrown in.

Class: Because the male is wearing a Duncan Quinn suit, it appears he is wealthy.  He may possibly be in the business industry which combined would make him apart of the upper class.  The media generally depicts the upper class more so than any other class.

Handicap: Although the female is no longer living, it does not appear that she has a disability.  The male also doesn’t appear to have a physical disability.